Due to the Covid pandemic we now offer online via Zoom or Teams.

Teacher: Rolf Mertig

Rolf Mertig has used Mathematica extensively since 1990. He is the author of FeynCalc, a Mathematica package for high-energy physics. Mertig is a coauthor of the original version of AuthorTools. He has experience with webMathematica, front-end programming, and database connectivity through J/Link. His programming experience also includes Mathematica game programming and office automation with Mathematica using XML and OpenOffice.

Mertig has taught physics and Mathematica courses at universities in Germany, Mexico, and the Netherlands since 1990.

Mathematica online private training advanced topics


online course/workshop

Setup is easy, flexible and very affordable. You can choose one or more topics, a date and 2 hour block. One of our professionals, most likely Rolf Mertig, will provide you with a private or a small group training/workshop (max. 4 people). Price for this 2 hour block is only EURO 100,- VAT excluded.

Feel free to contact us for alternative dates. You can provide your suggestions/questions in the note field if you register.


Dates Location Price
19 January / 11:00-13:00h. online euro 100,-
2 February / 11:00-13:00h. online euro 100,-


    Available dates

    19 January, 11:00-13:00 online – euro 100,- vat excluded
    2 February, 11:00-13:00 online – euro 100,- vat excluded

    Feel free to suggest an alternative date, or dates, and provide some information on what you would like to achieve.