ChatGPT and Wolfram|Alpha take completely different approaches to natural language and question answering and have complimentary strengths and weaknesses. This talk will explain how the large language model of ChatGPT and the computation model of Wolfram|Alpha work. It will preview new features of Wolfram Language to enable you to build your own applications that combine the capabilities of both approaches.

Teacher: Jon McLoone

Director of Technical Services, Communication and Strategy at Wolfram Research Europe. Jon McLoone is central to driving the company's technical business strategy and leading the consulting solutions team. He holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Durham. Jon is also Co-founder and Director of Development for, an organisation dedicated to a fundamental reform of maths education and the introduction of computational thinking.

ChatGPT Meets Wolfram|Alpha: A Tale of Two AIs


The talk will include examples of generative factual content, processing unstructured data and creating custom ChatGPT plugins. The talk will assume no prior knowledge and will introduce the ideas with simple, practical examples.


Dates Location Price
28 September 2023 / 10:30-12:30h Amsterdam free


    28 September 2023, 10:30-12:30h. Amsterdam – Free