In this workshop we will be looking at a platform being used at the University of Birmingham that uses AI to automate grading and feedback. We’ll be going over writing questions without programming, inputting answers with handwriting, and grading work with AI. You’ll get a chance to write your own content and try out the grading in the second half of the workshop.

Teacher: Jonathan Watkins

Jon is a lecturer at the University of Birmingham with a teaching focus on best practices in online assessment. His current research focuses on applying data science techniques to optimise personalised education delivery.

Graide – Using AI to reduce and automate grading



  • How does the platform work and former results


Creating Content

  • Take an existing worksheet and build it in Graide
  • to write questions
  • to create assignments


Grading Work

  • Walking through the grading workflow


Do it yourself!

  • Everyone gets a login
  • Write your own questions
  • Attempt a short assignment Jon has made
  • Grade work and see the AI in action




Dates Location Price
March 19 / 14-16h. online free


    Subscription for Graide – Using AI to reduce and automate grading, March 19, 14:00-16:00h., online – Free