S-PLUS is the premier solution for exploratory data analysis and statistical modeling. With over 3,800 data analysis functions, including the most comprehensive set of robust and modern methods available anywhere, S-PLUS allows you to perform more insightful analysis, create revealing graphics and take more informed business decisions.

With point-and-click ease, you can import your data, select your statistical functions and display your results. Powerful S-PLUS Professional techniques are at your fingertips. When your analysis requires a new method or approach, you can modify existing methods of develop new ones with the award-winning S programming language. With S-PLUS Professional, it is easy to examine and visually explore data, run functions one step at a time, and visually compare models for fit.

The S-Plus Product Family focuses on providing a robust environment for creating statistical applications applied to very large data sets.

Available in S-PLUS 8 Enterprise Developer:
  • Big Data library
  • S-Plus Workbench developer tools
  • New correlated Data library
  • Improvements to timeSeries bjects
  • Improved GUI responsiveness
  • Support for 4GT RAM tuning
  • Various new functions and other minor new capabilities

There are also a number of enhancements to existing functions and improvements to quality in several areas.