MapleSim 2018

MapleSim is a high-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation tool which will revolutionize how you bring products to market. The worlds most advanced symbolic computing engine comes together with traditional numeric solvers to supercharge the simulation and modeling process.

MapleSim offers a number of advantages over traditional systems:

Faster model creation cuts project time and cost
  • Model diagrams map directly to the physical system
  • Modelica Import
  • System equations are generated automatically
  • It offers natural multi-domain modeling
  • Mix traditional signal-flow blocks with physical components
  • Easily design controller and physical model in one environment
  • 3D Visualizer gives immediate insight into behavior of your model

Equation generation allows simplification of complex models
  • Multiple stages of model optimization
  • Optimized generated code for export to real-time and other applications
  • Unique technology gives highly efficient models for multibody mechanical systems

Powerful tools for model design and analysis
  • Dynamic analysis, control design, and optimization tools
  • Easy creation of custom components
  • Advanced units management
  • Live design documentation

For more information please look at the MapleSim Homepage