Wolfram SystemModeler

Increasing the fidelity of modeling has come to the forefront of driving design efficiency.

Yet many of today's tools are limiting: block diagrams that poorly represent key components; models just for simulation, not engineering analysis; and computation that's only basic numerics or that's not integrated at all.

Instead, SystemModeler uses versatile symbolic components and offers an all-in-one integrated workflow, all backed with the ultimate computation environment.

That gets you the power to model reality at high fidelity—driving insight, innovation, and results.

For a very quick start see these 1 minute videos:
Getting Started with Wolfram SystemModeler — modeling
Getting Started with Wolfram SystemModeler — simulation
Getting Started with Wolfram SystemModeler — analysis

Explore the product web site at Wolfram Research for more information:
Wolfram SystemModeler — general information
Wolfram SystemModeler — features
Wolfram SystemModeler — comparison
Wolfram SystemModeler — industry-examples
Wolfram SystemModeler — customer stories

When you want to learn more there are 20-30 minute courses here:
Wolfram SystemModeler — 20-30 minute courses