Maple 2019

Maple is a general-purpose mathematical problem solving software.

Widely adopted by universities, colleges, research institutions, and companies, Maple delivers the comprehensive environment and support resources to visualize and explore mathematical concepts, develop application tools, and share mathematical information and documents through the Web. Combined with hundreds of free add-on packages and applications available through, Maple constitutes the most flexible analytical tool for professors, researchers, scientists, engineers, and students.

Maple s technical features are legendary. It includes the most advanced and comprehensive suite of differential equation solvers (ODEs and PDEs); intelligent symbolic algorithms tightly integrated with industrial-strength numerical solvers; highly interactive scientific visualization in 2-D and 3-D; a powerful, intuitive programming language for rapid application development; and connectivity to the Web, Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, and external C and Fortran programs. Its unique worksheet environment lets you create interactive technical documents and even publish to the Web.

Also available, other Maple related products

Maple T.A. Maple T.A. automates many time-consuming elements of modern post-secondary mathematics education. Derived from the legendary Maple software, Maple T.A. offers a Web-based system for creating tests, assignments, and exercises, automatically assessing student responses and performance.
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MapleNetTM offers a complete software platform to enhance mathematics and related courses over the Web. It is ideally suited to meet the emerging challenges of distance, continuing, professional, and many other non-traditional forms of education and training.
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Global Optimization Optimization is the science of finding decisions that satisfy given constraints, and meet a specific goal at its optimal value.
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