Everything you need to move you STEM course online

Mathematica 12

The complete environment for all of your technical computing tasks

Maple T.A. 2019 - automated assessment

Intelligent grading and assessment of online math tests


SciFinance automates coding for custom derivatives pricing and risk models

Maple 2019

The most powerful and technologically advanced computational system of its kind

MapleSim 2018

High Performance Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

Scientific WorkPlace 6

Wolfram SystemModeler

Wolfram SystemModeler makes it possible to build high fidelity models of technological and biological systems. Models are typically built using drag-and-drop from a large library of model components covering many different engineering domains. To simulate and experiment with models you typically interactively select what variables to visualize or for 3d mechanical systems automatically animate.


Delivering the Power of Predictive Analytics Across the Enterprise

Wolfram Student Ambassador - TU/e

Wolfram Student Ambasssadors organize various Wolfram events at their university.