Mechanical Engineering Mobius (TA) Bootcamp

During this bootcamp Mechanical Engineers throughout Europe will show each other ready made materials in Mobius Assessment (Maple T.A.) and Courseware and share it.
Languages available are English, German and Dutch and most material is freely shareable and translatable as well.
Also plans will be made for the future to divide the work and try to collect more material also on other topics like more general Mathematics or sharing youtube video material.
Are you a teacher in the field of Mechanical Engineering? Please contact us and subscribe!


21 March 2019, 10.00-16.30 (2 days)




René Debets

René Debets is langer dan 25 jaar docent wiskunde aan de Faculteit Economie aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam, en heeft bij deze werkzaamheden ruime ervaring opgedaan met zowel Mobius Assessment als Courseware. Graag deelt hij deze kennis en Mobius materiaal!

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