Mobius Bootcamp (free)

Möbius is a comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is built on the notion that people learn by doing. With Möbius, your students can explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly. Throughout the entire lesson, students remain actively engaged with the material and receive constant feedback that solidifies their understanding.

This Bootcamp of 2 days is perfect for teachers/authors to work efficiently on Möbifying their content with supervision of expert Dr. Jonathan Watkins, and this without being disturbed by all kind of daily things.


10 July 2018, 10.00-16.30 (2 days)
24 July 2018, 10.00-16.30 (2 days) London




Dr. Jonathan Watkins

Dr. Jonathan Watkins is working for the University of Birmingham in the field of E learning and digital Testing. Also he is involved with Maplesoft on the development of Möbius and Maple T.A..

He is a very enthusiast, entertaining and knowledgable presenter and teacher.

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